What is Ganozeng?

Ganozeng is a unique dietary supplement that combines the natural powers of Ganoderma (reishi mushroom) and ginseng in a harmonious drink. This product combines the health benefits of both traditional Asian medicinal plants to support overall well-being, strengthen the immune system and increase energy. It is the ideal choice for anyone looking for natural and effective ways to enrich their daily health routine.

What makes Ganozeng special?

The unique selling point of Ganozeng lies in its special composition, which combines two of Asia’s most powerful and valued traditional medicinal plants – ganoderma (reishi mushroom) and ginseng – in one product. This combination is rare in the industry and offers a synergetic effect that cannot be found in individual products.

Ganozeng stands out for its ability to provide both the revitalizing properties of ginseng and the immune-boosting benefits of ganoderma. It therefore offers a holistic solution for increasing energy, improving mental clarity and supporting the immune system. This combination makes Ganozeng a valuable supplement for anyone who wants to improve their lifestyle in a natural way without having to resort to various individual products.

In short, Ganozeng is not just a dietary supplement, but a fusion of two powerful natural elements that work together to promote well-being in a unique way.

Available as

5 x 50 ml 

10 x 50 ml.

Application recommendation: 

1 bottle per day. 

Take in the morning, at lunchtime or in the evening, regardless of meals.


Food supplements are no substitute for a balanced and varied diet. It is important to follow the basics of a healthy lifestyle.

Ganozeng is the result of cooperation between Germany and Vietnam.